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A Job Well Done is our #1 priority

People are important to us. And a safe, reliable work environment is important to every member of an operation. Staying ahead of cracking base plates keeps employees at ease, machinery operating at its highest level of efficiency, and the potential cost of repair at a minimum.

NEIM is a small-town company looking to make a big-town impact, driven to provide quality work that is both pleasing and profitable.

The “NE” in NEIM is a toast to our Northeast Pennsylvania roots—but our service area doesn’t end there. Stationed out of Clifford Township, we have done jobs throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Colorado, Texas, Wyoming, and beyond.

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Our Mission: We strive to provide quality services, uphold the highest safety standards, and establish long-lasting relationships with our clients and community.

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Our Specialization

NEIM offers a plethora of industrial and remediation services. If you can’t find your desired trade below, feel free to reach out to us. If we can’t complete the job, it’s we can point you to a reliable name that can.
High pressure power washing
Sand Blasting
Grout Pumping Service
Industrial Machine Grouting
Epoxy & Cementitious Grout Installation

Surface Preparation Expansion Joint Placement Formwork

New Structural Concrete Foundations & Repair
Polished Concrete
Anchor Bolt Replacement
Secondary Containments
Containment Repairs
Epoxy Floor Coatings

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Surface Preparation
Grout Placement
Pipe Clamp Install
Protective Tenting
Concrete Work

Our Crew will come to you!

Checkout some of our National Customers. Where there’s a need, NEIM is there. Where will you take us next? 

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